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Development of Origin Labelled Products: Humanity, Innovation and Sustainability
Results, Summary of the documents

An European Union concerted action QLK-2000-00593 by the fifth framework of the European Community for the research, technological development and demonstration activities (1998-2002)


PDO-PGI Final report :

    • FAIR 1-CT95-0306 : Protected Designations of Origin and Protected Geographical Indications in Europe : Regulation Or Policy ? Recommendations - Dominique Barjolle*And Bertil Sylvander**, June 2000 , 53 pages (PDF)
      *SRVA, Lausanne, Suisse, ** INRA - UREQUA, Le Mans, France

    • Some Factors of Success for Origin Labelled Products in Agri-Food Supply Chains in Europe: Market, Internal Resources and Institutions - Dominique Barjolle and Bertil Sylvander. Article in Economie et Société, Cahiers de l'ISMEA, série Economie Agroalimentaire, n°25, 2002/09-10, pp.1441-1462 (article about FAIR 1-CT95-0306) -
    • Le lien au terroir, bilan des travaux de recherche - Swiss work (Dominique Barjolle) - mai1998 (french) - (PDF)