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WP5 - Characteristics, evolution, problems and opportunities for OLP
WP5 seminar, on Friday 24th January, in NewcastleDOLPHINS WP5
Newcastle Seminar
Centre for Rural Economy, 3rd Floor, Agriculture Building
Kings Walk, University of Newcastle
24 January 2003

Agenda of the seminar (PDF) :

WELCOME (8.30-9.00)

9.00-9.30 : Introduction & Progress Summary - Chair by Angela

Agenda and main objectives for the day:

(i) agreement about further case study analysis
(ii) agreement about work to be done for Toulouse
(iii) agreement about organisation of Toulouse meeting

Reminder of main objectives of WP5

Update on tasks to be completed:

(i) database reclassification
(ii) database commentary document
(iii) case studies, following new guidelines
(iv) 'quantitative' comparison of case studies using checklist
(v) further analysis of case studies (e.g. using PEST)

Discussion of database implementation

9.30-10.30 : Case Studies Overview - Chair by Filippo

  • Case Studies Overview
  • Further case study
  • Discussion


11.00-12.30 : Comparative Analysis of Cases by Checklist and Discussion

  • WP1 Checklist - Chair by Filippo
  • WP2 Checklist - Chair by Luis Miguel
  • WP3 Checklist - Chair by Andrea
  • WP4 Checklist - Chair by Angela

    Summary of draft checklists


14.00-15.00 : Case Study Analysis - Methods and Approaches - Chair by Angela

  • Introduction to approaches for further analysis
  • Discussion


15.30-16.30 : Toulouse Meeting Preparation - Chair by Filippo

  • Discussion of work to be done
  • Discussion of meeting organisation

16.30-17.30 : 6th Framework Programme - Chair by Filippo

  • Discussion of possibilities for bid

17.30-18.00 : Any Other Business and Close - Chair by Filippo

  • database reclassification
  • database commentary document


Dear colleagues,
it's time to meet together in order to discuss on WP5 main themes.
So Angela Tregear, following the DOLPHINS Steering Group meeting in November, will organise a Seminar in Newcastle.
The date is confirmed on Friday 24th January.

Angela gives some practical information:
When booking travel, it is best to fly direct to Newcastle from the continent - there are regular flights from Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, etc - rather than flying to London then taking the train (it takes 3-4 hours!).
Hotel rooms have been provisionally booked (confirmation of number of persons/days will be done early January).
We will ask for an attendance fee covering cost of meals etc to be paid on arrival (confirmation of amount will be done early January).

Anybody not yet contacted Angela to say whether or not they will attend, please do so as soon as possible!

You can contact Angela on:

Best regards and ...

Tanti auguri di Buon Natale e Felice 2003!

da Filippo ed Elisa
Elisa Bertoli

Università degli Studi di Parma
Sez. Economia Agro-Alimentare