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The department of Agricultural Economics and Food Marketing (AEFM) is one of the largest of its kind in Europe and a recognised centre of research excellence in the UK. It comprises over 20 established teaching and research staff, supplemented by further research fellows and officers, and 40 postgraduate students. The quality of both teaching and research activities in the Department have been rated as excellent in recent national quality assessment exercises. The department holds an international reputation for agricultural policy analysis and mathematical modeling and has specialist expertise in the analysis of food markets and consumption behaviour within the European context.
In terms of research strengths, the traditional focus of the Department has been on agricultural and food issues both in the UK and abroad, with an established reputation in agricultural policy analysis, economic modelling, marketing and market analysis and food consumer behaviour. More recently, new strengths in rural and environmental policy analysis have been developed with the Centre for Rural Economy (CRE) providing a focus for teaching and research into countryside change and rural development in the UK and Europe. The multi-disciplinary nature of researcher profiles in the Department, from economists, marketers and policy analysts to rural sociologists and geographers, is a further feature of this unit. The result is a range of studies which examine diverse aspects of the agrifood and rural sectors, at almost every stage in the supply chain.



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