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The INRA team ETIC (Employment, Territory, Innovation, Competence) focuses on rural employment issues and has been involved in the evaluation of the effects of agricultural and rural policies (early retirement, local environmental project financed by EU and national fund). At present two research programs are developed. One address the economical determinants of the long and medium terms dynamic of rural (included agricultural) employment. The other is devoted to organisational and institutional innovation (sustainable development, environmental, quality policies). This last issue (innovation coming with new policies implementation at decentralised levels) is the area of research of Gilles Allaire, within an institutional economics approach. These researches aim to analyse dynamic of competencies (and capacities to innovate) at private, collective and public levels.
New rural development and quality oriented policies involving both local actors and authorities require new public and professional competencies to support local projects. Over the last few years, the research activity of Gilles Allaire has addressed the redistribution and reorganisation of such competencies within an institutional economic approach.



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