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Research centre for animal production


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The Research Centre for Animal Production (CRPA) has been founded as a public institute in 1971 with the specific task to co-ordinate research and extension service programs on animal production in the region Emilia-Romagna. During the eighties, the Centre started to expand its activities carrying out research programs itself. Most of the activities of the Centre has applied research directed to farmers and the processing industry. Research results are being disseminated by national agricultural reviews and own institute leaflets. The Centre employs 30 researchers, 10 technicians and 5 persons involved in administration and is organised in eight research units : agronomy, environment, economics, livestock production (cattle and pig husbandry), software development, machinery and farm buildings.
The current research topics are :

  • The profitability of pig, dairy, beef and poultry farms in the Po- Valley
  • Economic aspects of environmental problems caused by intensive animal production
  • Profitability analysis of cheese dairies
  • Economic performance and strategies of Parma ham firms
  • The economics of PDO and PGI products
  • Analysis of the interaction between rural development policies and farmer's initiatives
  • Economic analysis of quality assurance schemes in the beef industry.

CRPA research is involved in many research projects at regional and at the European level. It has contributed to the regional product specifications of Romagnola beef and castrated lamb, to the estimates of the production costs for the main animal products for representative farm typologies, to the development of farm management software programs to the evaluation of value added in the supply chain of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and Parma ham.
Actually the Research participates as a associated contractor in the EU project: "The Socio-Economic Impact of Rural Development Policies: Realities and Potentials" (FAIR CT98-4288) which has the general aim to assess and quantify the potential socio-economic impact of new rural development processes within the EU.



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