An European Union concerted action QLK-2000-00593 financed by the fifth framework of the European Community for the research, technological development and demonstration activities (1998-2002)

INRA-ETIC Castanet-Tolosan

Coordinator of DOLPHINS INRA-UREQUA Le Mans            

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  INRA-UREQUA Le Mans        
    INRA-UREQUA Le Mans DE University of Parma        
    INRA-LRDE Corte INRA-ETIC Castanet-Tolosan     DE University of Parma CRPA Reggio Emilia    
    INRA-LRDE Corte   Presentation of the concerted action DOLPHINS   CRPA Reggio Emilia  
  CMC Le Mans         DSE University of Florence  
  CMC Le Mans     DSE University of Florence  
SRVA Lausanne News about OLP and the concerted action DOLPHINS All the links about OLP FUL SEED Arlon
SRVA Lausanne FUL SEED Arlon
  PfM University of Munich     Three databases on OLP     DEM University of Helsinki  
PfM University of Munich         DEM University of Helsinki  
    AEFM University of Newcastle       INIA DEESA Oeiras    
    AEFM University of Newcastle IERM University of Edinburgh     SIA DGA Zaragoza INIA DEESA Oeiras    
        IERM University of Edinburgh     SIA DGA Zaragoza        

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