Start date : month 19 (06/2002)

Completion date : month 28 (03/2003)


Team of the WP 5

  • Partner responsible : Filippo Arfini
  • Assistant : Angela Tregear
  • Researchers



  • systematisation of the knowledge on OLPs definitions, characteristics, regulations and on their links with production and marketing systems, with rural development and with the consumer/citizen,
  • systematisation of methodological approaches to OLPs products,
  • identification of the success and failure conditions for OLPs and of main threats and resources of the OLPs in the framework of economic globalisation,
  • dissemination of first results of the Concerted Action, by providing documents to WP8,
  • assessing the legal protection of OLP with regards to EU and WTO regulations and providing EU with diagnosis of negotiation basis,
  • identifying needs for further research.

The co-ordinator of WP5, together with assistant partners and the responsible of each WP of Task1 and/or their assistant partners, will produce a synthetic document on the topic assigned, based on the discussions made during the meetings and work of Task1.
One meeting is planned at month n.26 in order to discuss these documents and to give indications to report on OLP characteristics, evolution, problems and opportunities.
Responsibles (and their assistants) of WP5 prepare a final report on OLP characteristics, evolution, problems and opportunities on the basis of work done and meeting discussions (months 27-28).

WP5 report on OLP characteritics, evolution, problems and opportunities.

Team of the WP 5

Partner responsible


  • University of Munich Germany