Start date : month 3 (02/2001)

Completion date : month 18 (05/2002)


Team of the WP 4



  • analysis of theoretical and analytical tools and methods used in the analysis of OLP consumer,
  • characteristics and evolution of consumers' habits and perceptions ; quantitative and qualitative analysis, gastronomic traditions, case-studies : is the consumer of typical products a typical consumer ?
  • role of information transmission (labels, information campaigns, promotional activities, advertising, etc.), education, formation, training,
  • marketing of OLP and consumers' perception and expectations on OLP: analysis of the consumers' behaviour within different marketing channels and distribution systems ; effect of new promotional and marketing methods,
  • policies : analysis of public policies affecting the link between OLP and consumers-citizens, with special reference to EU food safety and hygiene regulations, and quality policy, international trade liberalisation, WTO,
  • assessing the legal protection of OLP with regards to EU and WTO regulations and providing EU with diagnosis of negotiation basis,
  • identifying needs for further research.

Two plenary meetings are planned.
In the first meeting, each participant group brings experiences and results of research activities in its country of origin with reference to previous mentioned objectives of the WP, and identifies the most important topics and issues to be developed and deepened for the second meeting of Task1. The first plenary meeting will give the opportunity to exchange research results and methodologies, to discuss the main issues in order to meet the objectives, and to select relevant common issues to be developed.
Development of selected issues will be based on bibliographical research, discussions and interviews with firms, public institutions and other relevant operators, information and experience exchanges within WP4 participants.
The second plenary meeting will put together further development of research activities, and the results of the activity will be brought on to develop the selected specific issues.


  • WP4 report about the state of the art on the basis of meeting minutes, included bibliographical analysis and special part collecting reports on selected relevant issues. The report give also a basic support to EU for WTO negotiation processes.
  • Part 4 of the preliminary working document on WTO's negotiation.