Task 0 Starting phase
Task 0 has the aim of activating the whole project

Task 1 Analytical workpackages
This Task is a fundamental importance as it is meant to build the basis of the whole Concerted Action DOLPHINS. Task 1 will be divided into four separate workpackages, each focusing on the four crucial topics : workpackage 1 OLPs definitions, characteristics, legal protection, workpackage 2 link between OLPs and production-marketing systems (local/global), workpackage 3 link between OLPs and rural development and workpackage 4 link between OLPs and consumers/citizens. Workpackages will work in parallel.

Task 2 Operational workpackages
On the basis of the results of Task 1 and its four Workpackages, Task 2 has main objective to make comprehensive synthesis. Two Workpackages will be set up : the first (Workpackage 5) will focus on the characteristics, evolution, problems and opportunities for OLPs and the second (Workpackage 6) on policy evaluation. Workpackage 5 and Workpackage 6 will be working in parallel.

Task 3 Synthesis and recommendations
Task 3 has the aim of underlining the key topics on OLPs and the implications for EU policies implentation, with special reference to WTO international trade negotiations.

Task 4 Information and dissemination
Task 4 will homogenise and organise the information which every Workpackage will produce, giving it back to the other Workpackages and Tasks, and to all the other users. This goal will be facilitated by the use of compatible analytical tools at each stage of the work. An Internet Web Site will be set up in order to promote and share common information collected and produced during the action.