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PFM University of Munich : Department of Marketing of agricultural products

PFM University of Munich
Department of Marketing of agricultural product

PFM University of Munich

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Alte Akademie 14

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Main objectives :
Since the foundation of the department in 1984, the main emphasis of research is put on marketing of agricultural products and food. This leads to the following mission statement : marketing-research for the bavarian agricultural and foodstuff economy has the objective to improve the marketing of agricultural commodities and food.
Two main areas of research are as follows :

determining factor of consumer behaviour with regard to foodstuffs,
organisation and managmenent of marketing in agricultural economy.
These two main areas are applied, business-orientated and use the empirical research methods in social and economic science. On one hand, they are meant to explain the determining factors of consumers' nutrition behaviour mainly regarding interesting cases in the bavarian agricultural and foodstuff economy.
On the other hand, we deal with the application of marketing conceptions in the agriculture and food area on three organisational levels : single-enterprises, co-operative and generic marketing.
Recently, the research unit has extended its research to others areas. Considering consumers' behaviour, the demand for ecological food and the socio-cultural and civilization factors determining consumers' behaviour with regard to foodstuffs have been studied more extensively. According to that, marketing conceptions in ecological agriculture as well as questions of regional marketing, non-food and service-marketing is another field of research follow by the unit of public found.

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