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She is currently a researcher in the project "consumers' willingness to pay for safety and quality of food products - a beef labelling system and efficient of information", which is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. She has considerable research experience with agricultural and food policy analyses and food economy issues as a whole, as well as econometric demand analysis. Her previous job also enhanced her practical knowledge in this issue as she worked with the food quality systems in the union of rural advisory centers.
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Latvala, T. & Kola, J.
Measuring Consumers' Benefits of Credence Charasteristics of Beef: Ex Ante Valuation. Poster presentation at the 71st EAAE (European Association of Agricultural Economics) Seminar "The Food Consumer In the Early 21s Century". 19-20.4.2001, Zaragoza, Spain.

Latvala, T.
Kuluttajien tietotarpeet elintarvikkeiden turvallisuudesta ja laadusta : tapaustutkimus naudanlihasta. [Consumers' Informational Needs concerning Food Safety and Quality : Case Beef]. In press.

Latvala, T. & Kola, J.
Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Information about Food Safety and Quality: Case Beef. Contributed paper at the International Food and Agribusiness Management Assiation IAMA 10 th World Congress and Forum. 24 - 28.6.2000, Chicago, USA. Available:

Latvala, T. & Laurila, I.
Elintarvikkeiden kysyntš Suomessa vuosina 1986-1996. Pellervo Economic Research Centre. Reports and Articiles No 137. Espoo. 28 pages. [Demand for food products in Finland 1986-1996]