Principal themes of researchs :

  • Structure and dynamics of the agro-industrial system. Analysis of the structural characters and the evolution of modern agro-industrial systems by means of different theoretical and analytical tools. Main topics :
    • filière (supply chain) analysis at national and local level, with special reference to Tuscany and flowers, ornamental plants, milk;
    • evolution of agro-industrial system at national and local level, of its components and of vertical relationships between different supply chain phases.
  • Quality and typical products in the agro-food system. Connected to the above mentioned themes of general evolution of agro-industrial systems and vertical coordination mechanism between firms, another main theme of interest is quality in agro-food system, with special attention on typical products. In particular the analysis has been focused on the role of firms territorial proximity and organisational structures in the construction of agro-food typicity and on the relationship between rural (endogenous) development and typical products.
  • Credit as a tool of agricultural policy for the support and development of agricultural and agro-industrial firms with special reference to local systems. In particular three main topics have been deepened :
    • description and critical analysis of the EU and Italian normative context;
    • theoretical analysis (neo-institutional approach) on potentials and limits in the use of credit as a tool to support agriculture;
    • empirical evidence through the analysis of selected case studies.

Curriculm vitae

  • 1989 : Degree in Economics (University of Rome, Italy), final thesis on Issues on International Loans after the abolition of the State Monopoly on Foreign Currency Exchange
  • 1990 : Teaches Financial Maths in Business High School
  • 1995 : PhD in Agricultural Economics (Università di Bologna), thesis on Agricultural Credit in the new normative and institutional context : from the theory of financial intermediation to practice.

Member of the Italian Agricultural Economics Association (SIDEA - since 1996), of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE - since 1997), of the Italian Horticultural Society (SOI - since 2000).
Position : Research assistant in Agricultural Economics (University of Florence, Department of Economics) since 1994.