Principal themes of researchs :

  • The profitability of pig, dairy, beef and poultry farms in the Po- Valley
  • Economic aspects of environmental problems caused by intensive animal production
  • Profitability analysis of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese dairies
  • Economic performance and strategies of pork processing firms in Italy
  • Interaction between rural development policies and farmer's initiatives
  • Economic analysis of quality assurance schemes in the beef industry
  • Economic impact of organic livestock farming systems.

June 1977: B.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Economics at the Agricultural University, Wageningen

June 1977 - January 1978 : Stage at the Institute of Farm Income Research at Tel-Aviv, Israel

Sept. 1980 : M.Sc. Degree in Agricultural Economics at the Agricultural University, Wageningen with Agricultural Sociology and Development Economics as sub-topics

November 2000: Ph.D. Degree in Agricultural Economics at Wageningen University with the Ph.D. thesis: "The production of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese: the force of an artisanal system in an industrialised world"

Professional Work Experience
Sept. 1980 - January 1982 :Research Assistant at the Institute of Animal Production of the Faculty of
Agriculture of the University of Udine,Italy
Subject: A technical and economical analysis of the dairy systems in Lombardy and the Netherlands

January 1982 - July 1983
Civil service at the Department of Agriculture of the province of Gelderland, Arnhem (NL)
Subject: Research on the possibilities of energy saving in the agriculture of the province of Gelderland

October 1983 - October 1984
Reseacher of the Association for Agricultural Education and Extension (AIPA), Bologna

November 1984 - onwards
Head of Research Unit Economics of the Centre of Research on Animal Production (CRPA) at Reggio Emilia, Italy