Principal themes of researchs :

  • Market researches on agricultural and food sectors
  • Analysis of the evolution of the consumer and the distributive system
  • Strategic analysis of marketing.

Education and qualification :
degree in economy and commerce
achieved beside the university of modena in the 1980

Courses of adjournment :
formation and psychological supervision training
beside the study of the teacher "paolo franchini" (modena)

Professional activity :
year of beginning professional activity 1976
surveys and professional assignments carried out

Spheres of competence :

  • descriptive statistic and applications of the statistic to the area of corporate survey
  • market researches
  • analysis of the evolution of the consumer and the distributive system
  • strategic analysis of marketing.

Principal experiences in firms :

  • agricesena
  • aica, bologna
  • aiprocarne, modena
  • a.p.i., parma
  • barilla, parma
  • cerpl, bologna
  • comacar, ravenna
  • eulalia cooperative, cuneo
  • (consortium national zootecnico), reggio emilia
  • consortium parmigiano-reggiano cheese, reggio emilia
  • cooperativa italiana di ristorazione, reggio emilia
  • copua, forlì
  • conapi, bologna
  • corticella, bologna
  • credito emiliano, reggio emilia
  • faral spa, modena
  • giglio spa, reggio emilia
  • gruppo apo, cesena
  • progeo, reggio emilia
  • unibon, modena
  • unigrana, modena.

Main experiences in researchs institutes :

  • ager, rome
  • agrind, rome
  • databank, milan
  • c.r.p.a. (researches centre of animal production), reggio emilia
  • ismea, rome
  • nomisma, bologna
  • prometeia, bologna.

Principal experiences in the public sector :

  • chamber of commerce of bologna
  • chamber of commerce of cremona
  • chamber of commerce of forli'
  • chamber of commerce of reggio emilia
  • common of reggio emilia
  • mountain community of the appennino reggiano
  • scholastic district 11, reggio emilia
  • corporate autonomous fairs of verona
  • regional enoteca of dozza
  • province of reggio emilia
  • region emilia- romagna, agriculture assessorship
  • region emilia-romagna, professional training assessorship
  • lombardia region.

Principal collaborations with publishings houses :

  • clesav, milan
  • edagricole, bologna
  • publishing "largo consumo," milan
  • eta, bologna
  • finedit, milan
  • publishing "il sole 24 ore", milan.

Principal experiences beside education and training centres :

  • ageoform, bologna
  • agriform, parma
  • agriform, reggio emilia
  • experimental firm "v. tadini", piacenza
  • cefast, bolzano
  • professional education center of sissa, parma
  • cesar, assisi
  • cescot, bologna
  • cescot, modena
  • cesvip, piacenza
  • cfp, modena
  • ktema (industrials association), bologna
  • ifoa (institute of industrial operators training), reggio emilia
  • irfata, modena
  • isfol, rome
  • institute for the professional qualification, brescia
  • sada, modena
  • scienter, bologna
  • sinnea, bologna
  • university of studies of modena
  • university of the plan of reggio emilia.