Principal themes of researchs :

  • Quality as a process within Agro-food networks
  • New links between Techniques, Nature and Society through the example of Integrated Pest Management 's implementation in the fruit sector
  • Reviewing consumers ' s demand through the Feeding action and its consequences in terms of meaning, involvment and networks ' membership.

Research projects

  • "L'Etat peut-il intervenir dans le développement de l'économie sociale", SSTC, 1996-2000-
  • "Effets de la normalisation sur la structure et l'organisation des exploitations agricoles", SSTC, 2000-2003

Curriculm vitae :

  • Qualification
    • 1993 - 1995 : Master in Sociology Université de l'Etat à Liège, Liège
    • 1996 - … : PHD in Environemental SciencesFondation Universitaire Luxembourgeoise, Arlon
  • Field of specialization
    • Quality as a qualification process / Link between Techniques, Nature and Society / consumers ' demand
  • Expertise
    • Member of the public Board for labeling " agro-food Sector"
  • Collaboration in international research networks
    • Member of the Cost network A12 " Rural innovation ", Working Group "agro-food network
    • Member of the Dolphins Network.